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An alcoholic will never admit that he is an alcoholic, and a gambling addict will never admit that he is a gambling addict. It seems to all these people that the situation is under their control and they make decisions on their own, since no one at gunpoint pours a glass or puts chips into their hands to play.

Remember, it is impossible to completely control the situation when the outcome of a separate rally will depend only on blind chance. The results of individual rounds are in no way connected with each other – so, even in bookmaking, much more depends on the player than in gambling of a gambling establishment. Even seasoned pros went into the negative, and you will not be an exception.

Stereotypes are our everything

A huge number of stereotypes revolve in society, which to some extent are subject to all. Let’s imagine a situation – the slot machine starts giving, and on each spin, and this has already happened 5 times in a row. It is very difficult to realize that in the next spin the chances of winning will be the same as those laid down in the casino slot machine. Similarly, the players are affected by various superstitions, omens, etc. – this is very much in demand in gambling establishments.

There is never a lot of information

We make many decisions in life, relying mainly on our personal experience. And if earlier there were no manifestations of gambling addiction, this does not mean at all that such a problem does not threaten us. Moreover, players often pretend that such a problem does not exist.

The described factor is very acute for those who place bets in bookmakers. Often, clients, being well aware of the advantages and strengths of one team, forget to study its opponent, and fly in for very serious money.

About mood

When the soul sings and the heart rejoices, players often have pink glasses on the bridge of their nose – it seems to a person that everything around is just fine, and when he goes to a gambling establishment, the thought does not leave him that luck will favor in the future. But the behavior of luck cannot be predicted in advance, and a good mood often drives the player into serious losses.

At one time, scientists paid a lot of attention to the issues of gambling addiction and the tests carried out showed that absolutely every gambling addict is characterized by an optimistic bias, which, in the end, has a serious impact on a very subjective perception of the chances of winning, stimulating decisions that are unfounded.

It is the excess of optimism that makes them believe in success even when, due to an addiction to gambling, normal life is cracking.

Let’s sum up

In gambling, optimists, as they say, do not survive. Sooner or later, luck will end and no one is immune from failure. Each casino client loses – big or small, only a professional can stay in the black for a long period of time. The wrongly chosen strategy, excessive excitement, as well as the casino superiority inherent in the games do their job and the player’s money goes to the คา สิ โน ออ น ไล.

Excessive optimism is not your way, the world will not submit to you, even if you hit the jackpot. Playing for money is fun, but you can’t dive headlong into the abyss of excitement and forget about simple caution in cases where it is really necessary.

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